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Full Disclosure For This Specific Journey

In September of 2022, I began a journey to construct my first non-fiction book that would come before my anticipated and proposed book I started in 2021, “Commit to Live” called “Everything Is Funny, Don’t You See?”. The first book Commit to Live was inspired after I survived a 65 mile an hour impact from a car ramming into me on June 2nd, 2021, and I came out of the traumatic event without a single broken bone in my body. I was inspired to write the philosophy that was streaming through my consciousness and that had propelled me to share my wisdom with the world, especially in the event that anything ever happened to me again that was beyond my control. As time moved on, I wrote the first two chapters (a prologue and some of chapter one) and got writers block. The density of the intentions I wanted to relay prevented my own mind from continuing at the pace I had proposed myself. Plus, I had a background of constructing novels, poetry, raps and screenplays, so what did I know about how to write non-fiction opinion and philosophy?

So I began a companion piece to the book a year later, and between September and December of 2022, I had written 36 pages of Everything Is Funny, Don’t You See? – in total six chapters and a prologue. The contents were rich with insight, humorous but critical, I am very proud of these chapters and my biggest intention is to have shared it with the American People. The goal was to tackle each chapter and topic like a fireside chat, except with the looseness of words and attitude like it’s stand up comedy and addressing people like a group conversation. When the foundation of my home of eight years came to an abrupt and wicked close, I knew not where my journey would lead but I was certain my writings would drive the remainder of my career, as words are very easy for me to relay effectively.

But in fact as it turned out, there are others who understand and know the value of my writings and my personal foundation, others who are strangers who ended up robbing me of my 64 Terabyte 15 hard drives system, which took me 8 years of my life to develop to its extraordinary capacity and included on it my work in progress documentary Cause & Effect, which the first 11 minutes were complete, my studio GloverzoneDLPictures intellectual property and vision for the next 10 years of creation, screenplays, both in progress and completed, client content for our network and more. Along with this robbery, they took other things that belonged to me including my two passports for America and France, my camera, my brand new 1 Terabyte Gold iPhone, my personal family photos, several articles of clothing, my microphone, my extension chords, among others on February 6th, 2023 at 7:30 PM. For months they extorted many thousands of dollars to ensure the return of my belongs, but ultimately, to no avail. By the time I am writing this it is the middle of July. Their narrative has changed, they do not want me to retrieve what rightfully belongs to me. They have disappeared them. Whatever the truth is, the writings and contents on those hard drives have more value to the American People and to my personal life than can be expressed. Even though right now it seems there is no hope, I have faith that by the end of this journey, there will be a retrieval of my belongings and upon their acquisition, I will attain all writings I have in my possession and make available to the public the words I have written, as you the people deserve to read them in the form that they were written.

A crime of cruel proportions was committed to preventing me from moving forward in business and in life. Now while I wait for the reunification of my creations, I realize I cannot simply wait for my words to be completed in a book format – we need to be on this journey together, you the reader and me the expressor. As quickly as I write new chapters I will release them for the public to read, out of order from intended publication. When I get the hard drives back, I will release this book with the missing six chapters in the order it was intended to be read. They are solid chapters and I hope one day they will be delivered as the timeline intended it to be. I similarly feel the same about the additional 10 poems I wrote, some of my best work, with the revised and expanded edition of The Eternal Flame Beyond The Veil, my book of poetry. Also on those hard drives are the first twelve poems I wrote for the companion sequel poetry book, Paradoxial Dimensions. I now only have 1 of those poems accessible to be, the rest are gone. As soon as the hard drives are restored to my rightful ownership, these too will be made public.

All of the hip hop I have written, more than 20 songs and 80 freestyles, packed with powerful words, under my conscious hip hop artist name MC Loyal, will be released as well when they are back with me. But until that day, we are where we are at now, with me sharing this sensitive information with you, the public, as I take this journey of observation with you and make all writing I make public for you to absorb, because time is speeding ahead and you cannot afford to not hear my findings or be in league with my intelligence. This includes essays I have written that I wish to present to the public that I wrote during the years of middle school and high school, when my mind was ahead of my time by a long shot. These too must be made to your reception. The soul of one who creates must be immortalized by those around, in the time it is created and long after the maker is gone. We must expand as a nation into a people of smarts and respect before we devolve into allowing our differences to massacre our humanity for one another. By confronting the problems we will develop a greater society with the ones already among us, and for the future generation just being born into the worst time in human history.

As I’m sure it may appear to be, the statement, which is extreme in its nature, is sadly, not inaccurate.

If this were not the worst time in history to be alive right now, then why would be all so confused as to the question: What Went Wrong? No one would disagree there is plenty wrong with this world, and humans are all the contributing factor to this reality. Crazy psychology. A drive to lose control of artificial intelligence. A departure from our roots and our moral principals around the country, likening ourselves to a devolution of humanity the closer we rely on technology and not human interaction. The threats of jobs being stripped from our capacity and being replaced by digitally scanned people. Nothing works. You know it. I know it, so all cards on the table, we have a responsibility to get ourselves out of this hell and embrace an expanded understanding that brings us moving forward and starts restructuring all that we know into a system that works for every living being on this planet. A revolution minus R. Evolution isn’t hard unless we resist it and become addicted to the insanity virus we are exposed to all around us. Let’s make a future for our children, our next generation who have to deal with the consequences of our situation and make a compelling argument that not all of us need to accept that life is unfunctional. It’s time to stop looking to leaders to make the problems go away and make the problems go away together, as the nation, as the mass body that elects people to make issues resolved. Instead of dealing with the power struggle the President is exposed to, we are a nation full of stupendous ideas, industrial revolution and spirit the likes of which are not detected in other mass lands filled with breathing humans.

Every day, someone is coming up with a new idea, a new invention, the smart investment for mass production, to make life easier on Earth. Take away the issues from the mind and we will be left with dealing with physical reality. The intentions are good, and they all stem from the fact that everything is wrong so let’s make it better mentality. Otherwise people would not be as inspired to come up with such an array of new concepts, if everything was fine. On this journey of the chapters that come one by one out of order for this book, presented to you the US population, we will discover insights you’ve never considered, patterns that appear bizarre but are right in front of us, and more importantly, you will become introduced to my mind and I will be exposed to your reactions. I am a filmmaker, author, documentarian, survivor, and intelligence gatherer. I have ambitions to change the world and one day lead this nation out of darkness into light. But it starts by trusting you the people with me in my rawest most compelling form.

Sometimes, it is more extraordinary to see the outcome of a man in his time without his greatest foundations, than to see the man as he projects and packages his excellence to the world. In this case, I certainly hope that all that we experience together on this journey will provide humor, insight and enlightenment on an array of matters that deserve to be dealt with. All sides are examined, all life decisions are judged because we cannot allow those responsible for ruining our lives in the shadows ultimately win by dividing us against our fellow neighbor.

It is my great privilege and honor to keep things short and sweet but filled with substance and thought.

Welcome to Everything Is Funny, Don’t You See.

My name is Ian C. Glover and I am here for you.

I go by my nickname “Mr. Wednesday” since the car crash happened on a Wednesday and I was spared of mortal injury, one must give praise to the Old Gods. Odin rules the day Wednesday, he is the All-Father and ruler of Asgard and Father of Thor. The Vikings worshiped him as All-Wise and I see him as a powerful leader worthy of being remembered every day. Around that time I discovered a delightful coincidence. My favorite show, American Gods, featured a man who was Odin nicknamed Mr. Wednesday played by the extraordinary Ian McShane. As it turns out, my first name is Ian, I love Odin, but here’s the real kicker – I was born March 22nd, 1995 – on a Wednesday! So by default and birth ordinance, I am Mr. Wednesday, for all intents and purposes. I give praise to the All-Father while being myself. The parallels shocked me into evolving my personal state of being, which ended up flooding in a new creation of powerful words and visual effects from my computer from the years proceeding.

Now I am on this journey in America, learning the people and their problems, witnessing the departure of faith in God and a disparaging of critical thinking. I see the policies that are enabling criminals to pursue legal justification for their crimes. I see insensitivity rule over consideration for human life in general. If we cannot agree that things must change and things can change, then we will only suction ourselves into an event horizon of a Twilight Zone that we woke up one day and created, the greatest Psy-Op against humanity ever done. Let’s separate misdirection and disinformation and consider the real possibilities of truth from dark places and solutions from the brave who can weather this storm and see clearly the way out of this hell.

God Bless You All, welcome to my journey!

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Abby Clark
Abby Clark
Jul 18, 2023

Looks great. Very interesting.


Jul 18, 2023

Glad to have crossed paths with you my friend.

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