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The Law of Attraction and the Missing Universal Ingredient to Material Manifestation

Thoughts manifest your surrounding reality. Desire fuels your future circumstance to become a more stable prosperous you. Millionaires in America seem to be erecting to the public and private sector in droves, at least when the economy was at a peak and functioning. So what makes the Law of Attraction not work for you? Appropriate application and a sturdy understanding of this powerful concept of universal magnetic energy. Without grasping the energy of change, you cannot command the forces of God to will the people around you to change their life to help you advance to your next level.

If you understand the micro and macro elements of the cosmos around you, from the free flowing Chi Energy as practiced and invested in by Chinese Monks to tapping into universal energy lurking in every living vessel on this planet, dark or light, then you can understand that your thoughts and the energy you use to back those thoughts can serve you however you apply them in your mind. To properly apply the thought of manifesting your right crowd of people to your life, this requires concentration and focus on those around you, and trust me, you will NOT tap in by using Instagram and TikTok to get a gauge on the human experience. Social media apps are deceiving. They do not represent manifested energy – they are an outlet where you control for a fraction of a moment in time what those around the world receive about your image. You can manipulate the outcome of an hour just by posting a highlighting video on a platform, giving everyone the impression you are upbeat, the best version of yourself, and you can in that same hour, return to being utterly miserable, or bored, or lifeless without purpose.

To tap into people you need to move your body and surround yourself with alive bodies. When you are in the presence of strangers, you can feel and tap into the honest place of where they are at very quickly. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. If someone is hiding and they are fronting, you can feel it from a short distance, overhearing a conversation with someone they are meeting for the first time, or if they are meeting a friend that they are trying to uphold a perception to in order to mask a potential cascading moment of negativity. You can tell. Energy is easy to understand as long as you can experience the human connection.

So once you’ve tapped into those around you, you can amplify the power of your high vibration to attract like-minded or like-situated people towards you. Maybe this time when you go to a bar, a new man with money sitting alone will notice you and strike conversation, because of the energy you emit from yourself. The Law of Attraction is a multi-step process, and it is rarely actualized in split-seconds of life. It is a journey that results in very real situations changing the fabric of what you’ve been used to living for a very long time. So if you commit to realizing the power of who you are into your spirit at all times, wherever you walk bike or drive to, whatever road you use to get to a new destination or use to travel in a routine pattern, like a coffee shop or a gym or a beach or a bar, then everywhere you venture to you vibrate a frequency of importance and manifestation, one that others around you become drawn to you. You become the trend you seek to be by actualizing to yourself the importance of what you can offer society and humanity. By determining your importance and your value, attraction applies itself wherever it is you choose to go.

In an age of humanity where half the world is discouraged from having an open mind, the economy suffers immensely. So shut off people will not change your income bracket, it may even be clear that those with a dull mind detract from everyone else’s economy as they share our precious oxygen. You hear all the time from Wall Street successes this blood rattling competitive spirit they had to have in order to achieve their goals. You can take their energy and apply it to your pursuit of power and you will only see the results as far as they will take you, if you are speaking to the wrong people. That is why you must use the Law of Attraction to ensure that your crowd benefits you and you have the assets, resources, skills and intelligence to provide a solution to the problem or stagnation your new contact is having.

For instance, multi-media is a fascinating business. Its digital potential is exponential. For so many different reasons, humanity increasingly relies on entertainment. Videos. Photos. Blogs. “I’m bored – I need to fill my empty mind in this long moment in time where for me, nothing is happening”. So they go on TikTok, or Instagram, or Facebook. And what do they scroll through? Multi-media that affects them in whatever way it does. Hours later, time has flown by and you guessed it, they were content filling space with digital media. Hence – a guaranteed solution to the problem of the consumer. “I’m an actor. I want to be famous, but I really don’t use social media or have a website.” Boom, with a person or company willing to build your online social media presence, problem solved. They will be on the internet, growing a fan base, engaging weekly and watching their life change one click at a time. Impressive! “I want to relax or enjoy media after my long week at work.” No problem, there are affordable major streaming services with endless bingeable shows, epic movies, and intelligent documentaries that now you can enjoy for as long as you like, just in time to achieve motivation to speak to a friend or colleague about it, or inspire you to make more money. For this reason alone, I firmly believe entertainment media will never go out of business and will serve humanity to represent lessons and perspectives from around the world.

By providing a valuable service in this growing world to the needs of everyone everyday, you can become part of an empowered solution to the problems plaguing normal people all around you. This guarantees the magnetism to those around you to gravitate towards your orbit and afford you opportunities to shine as yourself and begin manifesting your purpose through action. Remember – each new moment is an opportunity to summon your excellence, and you get to do this with every moment you are awake every day. Embrace the outcomes that come to you once you approach a new opportunity, watch how a pattern develops around the acceptance of a new opening, how you friends change around you, how you find yourself in a position to help friends you haven’t connected with in years, all because you have new energy surrounding you as you apply your skills and solutions to the new jobs in front of you. Then the real trick is keeping consistent relationships with those you please so that you find yourself in abundance of the excellence your experience can provide, as opposed to solely relying on the charm you bring for the first time to a new customer. Sometimes, it is necessary to expand your base, and other times it is more necessary to retain the base who are familiar, trusting, and content with what you provide. Expansion and retention working in synchronistic movement can achieve results with the Law of Attraction that will land you with the cycle of abundance you are seeking.

So one of the key ingredients to keeping up this pattern of perpetual motion in your positive direction is self-generated frequency and the other one is vibration. Every moment, all that surrounds you are colliding energies, operating on alpha waves and coagulating with one another on a subatomic level, generating your concentration or reactions or energies to keep going. Vibration often materializes from the bumping of car speakers, the sound wave thumps affect the human body and our neurological receptivity, making us react positively or negatively at a moment’s notice. The body and mind is sensitive to vibration, and so is the soul. The soul drives our mind to move our body even when we are tired or feel the urge to abandon the path. Most of our path in a day is about moving forward. So the next time you find yourself watching time tick away, remember that by provoking your mind to embrace engagement on a frequency that activates you, you can begin at any moment to molecularly change your receptivity to the universal magnetic enabling beacon that zooms forward expanded fusion and summons an advancement of your life.

Some chose to attain high vibration through intense concentrated meditation. Others seeks to activate it in the surroundings of nature, around pure water, in the silence away from materialistic society. I have witnessed people turn around their approach to themselves and to life by simply putting on music that drives forward their soul towards mental focus and begin marching forward with positive strides of confidence. As you mentally project the outcome you intend to achieve, use whatever is in your immediate reality to drive yourself into being the best version of yourself, within the limits of your reality as you move in it day to day, and as you perpetuate the same vibration throughout as you weave in and out of public settings, the atomic alignment will begin to send people your way and cyber offers to your email or social media feed.

I find it more inspirational to set your own rules as you look forward ahead than to follow in the footsteps of others who tell you what worked for them. Structure and discipline from experts is one thing, but the only thing that makes you succeed is your ability to embody the envisioning of your desires in real time. The longer you hold the control of the vibration, the longer you crank up the pathway for the universe to reach you from the large distance it travels in the cosmos to find you. Education will get you to practice the right ways to attain what you want, but self-enabled consciousness generated by your being will put the new strengths into successful application. One of the many ways I chose to activate my brain to think on the right level is when I am eating or drinking particular foods. If the needed frequency can only be activated upon a certain level of sugar reaching the pleasure senses of my throat and tongue, then that means I’ll consume and direct a substance through my body with sugar and guide it to activate my brain cells and endorphins to vibrate to a higher level. If the goal of my needed vibration is salt based, I will start eating certain foods with higher texture of sodium to provoke my intelligence and receptors to produce results quickly.

To be honest, I have always found comfort and purpose in the consumption of food and quality drinks. More than conversation itself, food educates me to manifest attaining a higher level from within, in order to glow and emanate a relaxed state of mind. I believe with the pattern of eating a combination of quality foods and balancing your effective state of mind for business or creation, one can truly extend their life by many years and watch your performance at work excel within a period of time once you have mastered the combination of labor and consumption. Which brings me to another ingredient that falls under the umbrella word of consumption. In order to grow and intake, one must constantly find the time to intake education in your field, craft and the landscape of the current climate of society and life, in order to ensure that the work you do remains as effective and applicable to the world around us. So in addition to being your best self, you must also drive yourself to consume in learning, watching, listening and studying as much as you can about the industry you are pulling capital from and from the humans who reside around you, their experience and their illuminating perspectives.

In the world of this new internet where expression is the most common form of information, witnessing the flaws and the lives of our everyday Americans will teach you just how appropriate it is to make money, and you will also learn new growing ways that pop up everyday as to how to navigate the challenges of life that seem to be holding back the majority of people from success. If you have digital selling issues and you can’t make rent, you’ll find 30 videos from different people a month telling you “It’s easy – sell digital on Audiable”. If you are looking for solutions on weight loss, videos pop up all the time telling you that there is a way to do it contrary to how you’ve been explained the topic growing up in your childhood. The synthesis of information through video inception has dominated our lives in the last decade quicker than the transition in the 90s from the 80s family life style to the tech age, where you are taught to find electronics and its capacities more fascinating than human engagement in this society. So if you balance learning with eating right for your vibration, drinking to activate your brain’s instincts, creating with your skills the useful things others need that you alone can provide, then as you manifest your vibrating frequency into society, the law of attraction will stimulate you with abundance and you will achieve what so many have failed to do.

But if you do not enable yourself to manifest this, if you do not bring yourself to go beyond the limits that life is putting in front of you, if you chose to not witness the larger picture of who you are and why you are here, then the trap remains choking you in place until you ascend your vibration and change what you intake and what you permit yourself to believe. Belief and confidence in a different outcome makes a large difference as to the final result of your achievement of turning around your life, especially when it comes to finance. Thinking outside the box, dimensionally speaking, is frivolously rewarded by the Law of Attraction and will get you boosted from one end of the city to the next one nearby. Understand that by the law of universal principal, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to master your new vision, as soon as you’ve done the work, the rest falls into place on its own. You lead by example so lead yourself out the door and connect your heart to your brain to your intelligence to your creation, which dictates the solution and conclusion of the outcomes of your journey, which you construct every second you’re alive.

The rest of the world will wait for you to appear out of the slumber of being dragged down behind your situation. You set the rules for how you receive your situation, you begin to control its hold over you. Soon you begin to see the world as your oyster, you can witness a brand new life. Thoughts Become Things and your life is not only determined by the circumstances around you but how you move through life on your own command.

Go Be Yourself and watch others react to you and change their lives around too. As you move by example, your frequency can change those around you, those who know you and those you pass by and have never met, because the power of the molecular world operates and manifests substantial difference when they encounter a powerful confident wave of vibration. All you have to do is make the decision and the change can begin at your pace.

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