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“We're so grateful for Gloverzone Media's digital services packages. They always deliver extraordinary quality products! Every time we use them, we're amazed at how well they work as they always underpromise and overdeliver. They’ve delivered the same great products no matter the clients budget. They are our goto outsourced providers.”

K.J. Bradley

 CEO, KTA Interactive Media

"This Gentleman right here, Ian Ian C. Glover, is one of the hardest working and straight up people I know. He contacted me almost two years ago and said to me, Shug I'm gonna make you a Movie star and great things have been happening every since. His intelligence, knowledge and wisdom speaks for itself, his hard work and determination to not only make himself great, but others as well, is something that is truly remarkable. Glad to call him my Manager and Friend and I can't wait for the World to see all the hard work pay off!!"

Shug Jackson

Former Def Jam Records Rapper & Actor

"I am proud to say that I have been working with The Gloverzone for 3 years now and it has been a pleasure. Ian is hardworking and dedicated -  His drive to get things done is remarkable I am glad to say that I have GloverzoneDLPictures in my corner."

D'Marcus Andrews

Writer, Director

Founder of Solid Inc.

"Ian C. Glover is an eager, professional and energetic agent. He has represented myself and others under his tutelage to the utmost and the highest of standards. His hands-on approach and personal charm only enhances the relationships that he has with his clients. There are no limits to the lengths that he will go to and through for his clients because in this business the relationships that he builds become family."

Cecil M. Henry

"My husband, William Lashbrook and I have had the pleasure of the aquaintance of Ian C. Glover for years now. We know him to be honest, hard working, and very talented… ; and I, Katherin Kovin- Pacino , have gladly hired him to represent me in the entertainment industry as one of my managers… He and his associate, Saskia Van Buren, have also stood behind me and helped immensely boosting my social media, which is more than any other agent/ manager offered to do…"

Katherin Kovin- Pacino


Step-Mother Of Academy Award Winner Al Pacino

"Ian C. Glover is an ambitious, crafty, Young Talent.

I highly recommend his services if your trying to break into the film/author writing business. He is highly motivated and does great promotional work. You can look him up on Twitter and other social medias to see what he and his associates are up to. I am pleased and impressed at his great work ethics and I highly recommend him if your looking to break into the business!"

Robert Lee Griego

Screenwriter & Author

    "Bad Habits"    

"Happy New Year. I hope that 2019 brings you the success that you desire. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to increase my social media presence. I feel very lucky to have access to a social media manager. One of the benefits of working for Gloverzone DL Pictures is their social media management. I am sharing the information on how you too can have a social media manager for life. Good luck in everything you do. I hope you have a fantastic 2019!"

Abby LaVal Clark

Writer & Founder of Royal Cardinals Productions & Chics Imagination

"I was recommended GloverzoneDLPictures from some of the top insiders of the industry. Ian thinks outside of the box and can get projects done in ways which I have never thought of. He came up with a plan which helped grow my business on twitter and executed it to the highest level. He is the real deal and I recommend him."

 James Rink

 Internet Marketer & Host of Super Soldier Talk

"I have known Ian C. Glover of GloverzoneDLPictures for only one year and in such a short time Ian has opened so many doors for me, especially on social media,  more than I ever could have imagined. With his hard work, dedication and loyalty to me and my projects. I am blessed to have a person as Ian on my side. He isn’t just a manger to me, but he has become a friend that truly cares for me.

Ian C. Glover is a top of the line manager/producer well beyond his years. After working with Ian, it was obvious I was working with pure talent, someone who can take on a project and work his magic to assure any film can be successful and withstand the hands of time. He truly makes films for the future that generation after generation will have the pleasure to view. Ian, works hard on all aspects and guarantees the time table he establishes. And at times sooner than expected. It is a pleasure to know Ian, professionally and personally. His hindsight and relentless pursuit to be the best has turned GloverzoneDL Pictures into an elite production/entertainment company.

Ian, is a man of vision and creativity with many successful years to come. 

I’ve yet to see anyone work as hard as Ian, he is always available for me at any time of day or night. He is a true professional, of film making with an expertise that surpasses most in his field. I have never met a young man so focused and eager and work so hard, a trait you just don’t see anymore. Ian is on top of his game, and he will be for a very long time.

He is a rising star with many talents including, producing, acting, directing and managing. I am forever grateful to Ian and his constant and tireless efforts to make my projects a success."    

Michael Massa

Writer & Producer, "Capone Hotel"



"During a recent project, I had the opportunity to work with Ian C. Glover of GloverzoneDLPictures LLC. He put together an outstanding package for me and built the social media presence needed to get my project recognition. I can’t recommend Ian highly enough. He stays focused on the project and brings his passion as he delivers against his commitments to expand your social media presence."

CJ Knapp

Writer, "Unfinished Mission 2.0."

"I was sitting at my desk one day at Forbidden Tears Productions when the phone rang....Lo and Behold there was a young, professional, businessman on the other end of the line...Ian C. Glover from Gloverzone D.L. Pictures. We struck up a conversation right away and introduced ourselves....we have been business partners ever since. I have since been very impressed with this companies determination, growth, and tenacity....We soon became partners in the industry of film...and friends on another plane of existence outside of film and production. I want to say a few words about Ian C. Glover and Saskia Van Buren as business partners. I had never met someone, or individuals so young, who are so driven for success as much as they are; nor have I met individuals that are so true in heart and spirit as I have found them to be. Now, yes, to this day I have met many more people in that same capacity who are driven for success, but no matter what befalls these two business partners...Ian and Saskia, they drive forward, onward, and upward. I am so very proud to be a part of them in this industry. They are making their way in film, editing, graphics, and in talent management, as well as being an agent for many clients that are with them unto this day. I recommend Gloverzone D.L. Pictures to anyone...and I am extremely proud of them and their success! I have worked with them as business partners for years now and am very glad that we formed the symbiotic that we has proven to be a very good and sound decision. Ian and Saskia have edited and worked on graphics for FTP several times; since then we have also embarked upon many films together...a regret I DO NOT have! Ian C Glover is also a prolific Author, Poet, and Rapper affiliated under the Forbidden Tears Productions Publishing and Recording Company~Jus Sayin~"

Jennifer Dawn of Forbidden Tears Productions 7/15/2019


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