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                                                Activation of the Quest from Battle

The bellows of war echo on the breath of the rustle of the wind, cascading in the air surrounding the surface of the world.

A crime has arisen beyond the call of justice by a court of deciders, the hearts and populace of man reflects a state of rage within the hearts that beat as one, with tears that stream as many, with pain that screams and never vanquishes.

A conquest tasked by a sea of warriors justify their violent means to achieve their conception of a patriotic religious duty, which they commit their full soul as they strive to inflict maximum waves of shock that divide the land and burn the oceans.

Be it divine prophecy, be it madness, be it from the karma of an intentional sequence of mass or personal injustice, violence has erupted and unleashed an expression of unholy massacre of peace and breath of life, converted into blood and shattered bones of ruined lives, once sacred and innocent as God’s children on many terrains of the Earth, desert lands and huddled metropolitans alike.

With a surge of despair taking the form within the suffering from ancient history among nations, one group strikes while another retaliates with arrogance and disregard for the innocents who become the ultimate victims of the invention of combat.

Untethered and not afraid are those who believe that they are meant to depart this plane for the path to their righteous final destination, an ascension from hell among us to heaven beyond the grasp of our bodies.

For come whatever may of the outcome of the belief of the vengeful, those who remain behind and live among us, endure the consequences of the violence and struggle in the aftermath of the destruction, crippling our faith in a life of purpose just that much more as the conflicts carry out, stretching across time.

Should intelligence become an asset in communication against the madmen of artillery and accessories, perhaps the tide of war would begin to take shape on a level of reasonability, a compromise where justice is served to the countries to see, from the country afflicted to the country responsible for bringing the horrors of war to the children of our future, in a setting not yet created or in a foundation that will allow such accusations of historical shame to be heard as presiding reality, not expunged as an exaggeration to sanitize wounded parties responsible to feel no pain as they hear the recitation of crime most unavenged and ignored before the ears of the injured party and the masses who preside to embrace injustice when it happens around them by the result of frowning and inaction.

What would it take to evolve the senses on the sides of determined warriors, and to quell our political leaders on both sides of the isle – to squeeze the details into unspeakable situations that require immediate remedy, like the result of a spiritual cleansing of a species on the brink of extinction, and create a model for the generation that is to come, who will study hostility again and again, as the world is created and morphed by cause and effect, the strike and the counterattack.

A holy war has been started in the name of law and order of an ancient kingdom, as enduring of the times as the history of the West and its parallel Roman Empire, whose allegiance continues to extend to Rome in the halls of the Vatican, commander of the Word and Mission of God.

And we beings are to comprehend where we will arrive, on the shores of a new civilization, pulled from the rubble of the wreckage of the havoc left behind by metal and fire, incepted from the survivors, the population of legacy children who have survived the culling of their impoverished or well off family, who gather crammed but humbly as they place their faith in their God to continued a blessed life.

A new empire is born out of survival and rebellion. Ash and chill. Sea and Land. And empires challenge that which is small as the face of that which is to be made an example of, for disobedience to the ultimate authority, the one who deems himself ultimately righteous, for a path that leads to answers of a shocking nature – one that is never wrong, is never wavering from his truth, but one that violates the culture of others to achieve their way of expression in the eyes of their victorious conclusion. To America, The Great Satan is not the title for themselves, it is a title to prove that they have been branded the reputation of the predator it slays, to protect mankind from. It wears it like a badge of honor, an Ode of Odyssey to the power of Beowulf.

From the land of the promised people come the defense of their God and King, their Lord and Savior, the Christ power from the lands of Jerusalem. In their name, all holy blood must be protected, all strength must prevail to exist with a shield of an Iron Dome, to safeguard the survivors of a generational holocaust, whose torture that was sustained rings as scars for every generation to follow from the madness of the Nazi Empire. Revisiting the Promised Lands that Moses brought from a liberation in Egypt, the survivors of the 3rd Reich’s Eugenics Torture Program arrived to the land to call it Israel, and expel the land of Palestine and confine it to a space the square cubic meters of half of Florida, overtaking the rights and perpetrating eviction instead of choosing the path of co-existence in peace, resulting in the speed ahead of the current situation now sprung upon humanity in the year of the decision of annihilation or creation.

Now the sands of the desert shriek a reaping of the crusaders of God from the life of mujahideen, who are at peace when they are at war.  Their prayer guides their path and they decide who gets spiked by wrath at a moment to moment basis. They forgive no crime unanswered nor accept no lie unpunished and will commit to their attacks with the certainty that in their defense, they only serve the purpose to punish the uncommitted to the faith of the religion that binds them together, the path of Mohammed’s precious Quran. The peaceful men of the sand that share food together and respect the traditions of the family always. Men of proud rich life, hardened by the wounds of inferior pests who hurt their flesh like disease due to the nature of their upbringing.

Should the world seek a solution to several rebellions cascading as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, one simply should see the truth within yourselves why you are all equal, the motivation that binds you to stick to your righteous cause and express yourself into the world with a planet of your authority, living in peace and co-existence in your difference with all around you.

Consider who you are and why you shake with pain, the darkness that pulls at your soul from the canvas of your heart. Embrace the way of the Lisan Al-Gaib. Exist in paradise or Perish in Soil. Unite to maintain the resolve you’ve survived the last generation with as we venture towards a free decision about our fates, as a nation and as a race, as a people and in our creed, within our souls we set you towards destiny.

Long Live the Fighters who speak from the World Beyond, where our present has shaped a horrific future due to an unresolved past buried in Ancient History. As a cycle continues, Everything Old Is New Again. Since Heaven and Earth became Heaven and Hell, Since Hell Become On Earth as is it accused that Hell is on Earth, that the kingdom of the Devil has terraformed into oneness with our conscious plane.

In the name of the All-Father, Odin, who protects the Nine Realms with his Wisdom and his Methods of War, we follow in your intelligence from the Tree of Life and purpose a path towards the right direction for the fate of our people. Only you can guide us through Ragnarok with the crossing journey of protection. We will await your command to protect all life from the bloodshed to come should we fall victim to harsh decisions that reject human life.

Should the Gods of Egypt and the Heroes of the Greeks not unite in steadfast belief in the immortality of the powers they can conjure, the fate of the race of guided man would behold a grim ending for their tired journey in ancient history. When man lost faith in the Gods, the world descended to the misery that cascade down our necks like the rays of 100 degree sunlight.

In reverence of the sacred preservation of the foundation that keeps us alive, we freely make our decisions and choose our sides as the outcomes dictate our instinctual decisions for us.

Embark in many moments the road that leads to the only outcome that will manifest when you arrive at the point of activation.

There is no easy action to be taken once reality from all ends introduce the conclusion and pattern for the event that triggers the force of violence to manifest beyond intention.

With sincere will and with driven concentration amplified by the men who live in connection with nature and the kingdom of the ways of old, once multiplied by the land mass of many nations, only with enlightened consciousness can we shift the tides of war towards our favor, and thrust non-violent disobedience towards the master who demands our compliance, and create a movement that can heal the population from the mind control of violence and disorder and restore personal and historical independence from the construct that governs all life in this reality.

Grasp the essence of my calling and heed the success should ye pursue the weapon that wins the unwinnable. Know that all of the just who follow the path of the extreme do not reap the rewards of the martyrdom they seek to make so proud. Chaos begets the existence of darkness and amplifies all that you most fear, and destroy you the proud with your violence, with your assertion of your pain. The most holy of holy have exposed the darkness and witness the long change take effect long after the reflections of the horrors documented in their action you seek to hold accountable holds the moment in the now.

There has never been a life, more conscious, more sacred, more important than the one you live right now. All else become history or legacy, but this life that you witness in the present, that is the life most blessed to consider. Life does not vanquish itself in the waters of difficulties, it continues and endures to blossom into the greatness of achievement, the substance of what you fight so hard to protect – survival.

Inside the shell of preservation, the sand of renewal cycles itself within and out from the tabernacle of the aquatic conch, shifting with the ocean and its twisting tides, resonating the command of its inner peace as it rests between water and grain, in balance with steadfast resolve.

For the men of belief who feel unchallenged with the level of their violence and psychological justification, remember that Hell Hath No Fury Greater than the Judgement of God.

No mercy greater than that of the highest order, the Commander of Life and the Captain of Death, locked in a limbo of equal energy throughout the imbalanced planet which hosts life as we know it in our Solar System.

Oh how large our egos preach, our achievements echo, for we have been chosen to represent referenceable life in the planets around our Sun, only our planet has been specially selected to guide the masters path forward, and here is how we repay the creator and all intelligent life who seek to find us – a species of life form who spend every bulk majority of years perpetuating violence and disorder in the name of concepts important to the killer.

War converts the worthy into sinners, the people into beggars, the rich men into tyrants, for what life is there to live or conceive when men of each structure of society becomes the hollow and most simple version of himself, and deceive generosity with sedition and promote treason in the face of the nation?

Where is the worthy, the tolerant, the comprehensive to lead us to the righteous senses and guide us away from the destruction of structured life, and into a restructured state where men and women of all histories converge and share time together, in discovery and in fulfillment?

It is from the eyes of the one who seeks to eliminate the virus of uncontainable darkness from the land of the living that it has been grasped to such ventured planes what path must be taken to restore the spirit of honor in our brethren and answer the call of duty to emerge victorious over the temptation of the deceiver.

Join me as we extend our mission and vision against the war upon us, entering into the era where the disruptors are silenced in the shadows of our streets, at the discretion of our chosen focus, and create the foundation for a better tomorrow today.

Redirect your legacy for what you have prepared for and correct the outcome we are wetting as you right today’s wrongs, tomorrow. Prepare the research and the subject of your agony will fail and comply, for intelligence attaches itself to the millions of dollars waiting for the conduit brave enough to endure its classified existence. Therefore never question the power of accepting a higher path in the face of the mindless path that chaos sews.

I sit by candlelight, my eye catching the fire of the flame, staring into the wisdom of the beyond, conceiving all truth as it exists in time. Emerging into the ultimate sensation of reality, I control all that stands between the activation of my purpose and my ascension to the liberation of humanity’s great battle with the force of evil incarnate and severe. I conjure the nature that is commanded from my soul towards the direction of all in my path who do not belong. For the curse I unleash upon them incepts for the final sentence in response to their crimes against the innocent among us all, young and old, frail and strong. To every life preserved, for every child saved, for every mother protection, for every son to see the dawn before his growth, for every daughter who lives as a princess either in the captivity behind enemy lines or in the confines of the mansions of the powerful and privileged, for every father who develops new legacy for his inspiration, for every brother who fights to protect his own and the ones who he discovers to fight for, for every sister who bring the hearts of survivors who supply the food and ammunition for the brothers and the uncles and the grandfathers to return with their empty rifles and bloody knives, returning in dignity and honor for their service to the war, liberation in the vision of enlightenment towards the attainment of the only attainable outcome, the answer which you know, the secret bomb that wins the war and violently detonates the shape of the medicinal fungus found in nature all round us – dominant Azuras in the descent of molten mushroom destruction, hideous shapes that must never resurface the atmosphere again for any reason, lest we desire our own doom in our shame of how far we’ve come away from the ancestral relations with our roots of our families across generations on all continents connected by the waters blessed by Mother Gaia. For all those who witness legacy, conceive I transmit the séance as I know best because you are worthy of turning the tide of war to victory against the dominant force of darkness because the alignment is upon us. The eclipse of solar power has passed and we race towards the destination we decide as we return the power towards our limbs and we forge a path ahead towards the planting of the flag into the ground, claiming our liberty in our flesh and blood and bones.

As the equal measures remain unbroken in their lines, the hexagram of Creative Heaven dictates the command of action, as we gallop towards a sunset of adventure and uncertainty and arrive in the reality which will be accurate and appropriate at whatever outcome we experience.

So come men of battle, sons of blood, children of iron and soldiers of war. March with all that you can muster at your disposal. Make every shot count and blessed. Logic and out of the convention strategies achieve record setting success. Do not confuse a battleground for a blood sacrifice, for every death that comes from murder is cursed and tainted by the betrayal of the rules of engagement in combat between men and brutes.

As all wizards of ancient knowledge weave in and out of the runes of the Earth towards the zone of death, the mind surges to stream consciousness into immediate connection to preserve the remaining sacred practices we continue in private and ensure it can be shared with the incoming generation beyond the years to all minds at once.

Should danger lurk beyond what I see before my eyes in moments future and vast but consistent and dominant then my shock will settle to horror as it means a failure not yet grasped but is destined to happen. An ending that cannot become a waking reality. But I think not, I think this outcome shall not be, perhaps by decisions from all sides of reflection, determining life is more valuable than death. Death is permanent, it leaves a marker on the spirit that’s tracked and sets a standard that is met with an unwanted charter towards hell. Life however, the nature of survival and the art of co-existence with the Ying of your Yang, can be achieved if we clear our heads of the Maya that seeks to distract our concentration from achieving divine ordinance with our cultures that define us. Sacred teachings in ancient languages that resonate power and frequency with vibration from the Gods.

Spurs of shocking rumbles of the ground tremble the structure beneath our boots as we wait in patience for the assault to run its course before changing location and surviving the attempt at maiming and concussive disorientation. The guidance waits for no hesitant moment – as chaos tries to divide the path for the seeker, the solution of source transmits its intelligence into the heart of the seeker even while the devastation of distraction presents obstacles to prevent the brave soldier from arriving into his destined position, which will lead to the counter attack that will turn struggles into gain in the objective of the victory in the war.

As the message from my hands relay the cycles and facts toward the scroll from the Library of Alexandria, deliverance from the cloud of illusion casts upon the impacted hemisphere of conflict with the tumultuous energy that sweeps the fields of harvest and glide between the shattered buildings of civilization, offering salvation for the survivors of merciless rounds of fire and lead.

The directive has reached the remains of humanity in all forms of life remaining, in suffrage and in patriotism, now the application is set to take place between warriors to implement before more personal lives are robbed by the crimes of passionate men of anger. When the master who manipulates discovers the thinning of the compliance of control, the dark conductor of corruption thrusts his frustration towards the proxies and enablers, dispersing vulnerable assertions of aggression and leaving wide open the opportunity to grab a hold of the conduit and restrain its psychic force from conducting its mass hypnosis throughout a collective of brains.

As the forces of the resistance dismantle the structure of the Egrigore, the restoration of the free mind of human decision begins to spread in immediate recovery, throughout the planet and planes where existence has been tampered as a result of the assertion of its hive consciousness.

Where anything is possible, in the space where all combine and coagulate reality upon symbiosis with love and humanitarian compassion, the life where the achievements of one that benefit the lives of all can return to our normal structure of living, the transformation of our comprehension deepens as the goosebumps under your skin return to life.

In a world riddled on the explosions of tempers, decades of patient endurance, and solemn commitment towards the arms race built into serving no cause more gross than the genocide of families, the participants should awaken towards the message from beyond the dimensions and lay down their weapons before the accident that cascades the reaper of damnation towards them carries out in front of our very eyes.

With change comes enlightenment, the middle way in the path of war and peace, and with the higher understanding transmits the comprehension to the population that as we fight and diminish our values which cherish the time that we wait to fight in the right battle for the righteous reason bestowed against the persuasive power of evil, we relinquish our worthiness to one day carry out our task in brave and noble fashion, because through the engagement of the wars of madness, we in turn the afflicted affected experiencer of conflict become afflicted with the wound that corrupts the blood and vanquishes the mind of the protector, converting pure commitment to quest and shattering the will of purpose with its projection of maximum trauma.

So in the stillness of natural order in ordinance with the kingdom surrounding the pure and worthy, my senses begin to relax and ease into a breath of renewal. The vast sensation of healing after conflict sparks my clarity as I determine the next step for the governance to come. A wind rises in the East, teasing my feet of times to come and bridges to connect between nations and neighbors. The rivers run with rejuvenation, trickling down the streams over the rocks and into deeper waters, connecting paths and merging as a connected movement.

From the nature to the mountains, from the beaches to the national parks, may universal knowledge protect our precious minds from straying from truth and forge a greater lesson to all who discover the ordinance of service in all forms of life, not just to press one’s chest to combat to respond to every complicated reality.

In the passage of my journey in meditation, all superior outcomes arrive at end of the road that comes upon you, and despite the resolution of acceptance, every encounter along the way which seeks to test your resolve in every way a warrior cannot handle but must endure, shapes and creates the unshakable resolve that you carry towards your victory and success, inspired in part by the wisdom of the enemies who have sought to challenge you and failed before your iron clad will.

It is within the test of patience where courage is found, when the noise fades to the back of your mind and all that remains is the drum beat of your heart, pounding in a steady pace loudly in your ears. A state of pure commitment to living in your ever-present moment, more than at any point in your life. Where reality can shatter life or reshape the purpose of survival by the decision of a mere second in time. This is when the mind is utterly alive, in full comprehension of time, movement and danger all at once, where the men of brave earn their title and endure the conquest of others towards him until the strike has passed.

From conflict arises no victor but the scythe of death for the Creator. The warrior who passes with conviction through the soil of No Man’s Land shall return protected should his faith remain intact without a fracture. Through the turmoil of creative cruelty in the forms of rapid brutal murder, we the alive comprehend how the Devil wins the consciousness of war in all boys who fight in the thick of battle.

The blood of patriots, terrorists, children and innocent life co-mingled in the wreckage left behind by the force of two opposing convictions, exchanging mass attacks in trade. The seeping of the connection for why we matter each and every one of us the same, combining into indistinguishable alignment as the heavy price for the exchange of madness, propelling itself for the oxygenation of its growing perpetuation. Justified or without merit, the same being who benefits from its expression in real painful form cares all the same what drives forth the passion of concentration for the need to cause suffering at close proximity.

Strike the source of the evil in the heart where it lives. Meditate and concentrate on the center of its control and witness when one takes away its power how the rest of the corrupt with fall to their knees in surrender, for without the conduit of the mental weapon of excusable violence the wicked have no force to usher out the commands of the insane. As it is known, life is precious, blood is sacred, family is forever.

There are always battles and wars, scars and bloody fights, but perhaps the most important yet to attain a victorious outcome is the combat against the spirit that inspires the darkness in the ones around us, the hive that spreads and populates upon the sensations of fear and anguish. The war I wage against the center of darkness is fought across several dimensions and chases throughout revolving realities. Not a night nor a dawn has risen where a final definitive attack has achieved a lasting death for the enemy, nor has a day nor an hour gone by where the tormentor has sent a deterring obstacle that has prohibited my skill to meet my larger-than-life objective. Our dance is still of equal revolution.

May the Harbinger of Fate serve as witness to my cause as I set to right the course of the human race, to ensure the survival and the legacy of mankind for the generations to follow as faithful to the strands of ancient history and encodings that power its motivation for perfection.

Words have conveyed the direction that my soul intakes, the knowledge that I strain to possess, the yearning to cement change to a society governed by the lawlessness of war. There is still time to shift the stages from failure to a new canvas of potential. When the extremes leave the Earth in peace, the co-existence of difference can begin to assimilate to their natural reactions, as we leave as neighbors, coming together to solve the larger problems that hinder our relaxation in community, as a nation and as a people.

By the authority vested in my chalice of conviction, may the Old Gods that remain among us hear my cries. Let the masters of the woods awaken to my midnight calling. Let the New Gods who collect the small souls shoulder respect to my path which sticks towards myself as I cross the checklist of necessity box by box.

I am the one who walks among you, who listens and sees all, and speaks in core from all voices, voiceless and bellowing, judgment is not beneath you. It surrounds you and in the now it shakes in rage, it quells not for any decision yet to be made. Move before you fall, catch your descent before the shake, implement the wisdom in the now for the sake of you and all you hold to your vows. My presence is a rare one, I regress to progress from faith to action, until the universe is balanced once again, and I can rest to see my glory days are not just behind me and are my best but they remain upon a future not so distant and not so soon. Expedience in excellence for innocence within perfection.

Upon this hour, heed my call. War is before you so make your decision. Liberate your aura of the blood of complicity or face the consequences of validating the desecration of truth and the corrupting of morality. A journey which arrives at no destination and travels into an endless pursuit of invisible objectives. With the declaration of your quest, rise anew as a follower of the only path left to take.

Honor the light within, echo the all and win, enter the hall and in shall you enter in,

Whispers in the wind, pounds in the deep, ripples on the shores, winter falls in droves.

Pontificate and levitate as you center seas and meditate, two lives as you regenerate the Queen of Beauty in your gaze.

The call is answered, the transmission has ended. The more become worthy the more I’ll be sending.

But times do disrupt us and we must move forward. In God do we Trust and America we Bless as We Love in the Truth we Express.


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Thoughts manifest your surrounding reality. Desire fuels your future circumstance to become a more stable prosperous you. Millionaires in America seem to be erecting to the public and private sector in droves, at least when the economy was at a peak and functioning. So what makes the Law of Attraction not work for you? Appropriate application and a sturdy understanding of this powerful concept of universal magnetic energy. Without grasping the energy of change, you cannot command the forces of God to will the people around you to change their life to help you advance to your next level.

If you understand the micro and macro elements of the cosmos around you, from the free flowing Chi Energy as practiced and invested in by Chinese Monks to tapping into universal energy lurking in every living vessel on this planet, dark or light, then you can understand that your thoughts and the energy you use to back those thoughts can serve you however you apply them in your mind. To properly apply the thought of manifesting your right crowd of people to your life, this requires concentration and focus on those around you, and trust me, you will NOT tap in by using Instagram and TikTok to get a gauge on the human experience. Social media apps are deceiving. They do not represent manifested energy – they are an outlet where you control for a fraction of a moment in time what those around the world receive about your image. You can manipulate the outcome of an hour just by posting a highlighting video on a platform, giving everyone the impression you are upbeat, the best version of yourself, and you can in that same hour, return to being utterly miserable, or bored, or lifeless without purpose.

To tap into people you need to move your body and surround yourself with alive bodies. When you are in the presence of strangers, you can feel and tap into the honest place of where they are at very quickly. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. If someone is hiding and they are fronting, you can feel it from a short distance, overhearing a conversation with someone they are meeting for the first time, or if they are meeting a friend that they are trying to uphold a perception to in order to mask a potential cascading moment of negativity. You can tell. Energy is easy to understand as long as you can experience the human connection.

So once you’ve tapped into those around you, you can amplify the power of your high vibration to attract like-minded or like-situated people towards you. Maybe this time when you go to a bar, a new man with money sitting alone will notice you and strike conversation, because of the energy you emit from yourself. The Law of Attraction is a multi-step process, and it is rarely actualized in split-seconds of life. It is a journey that results in very real situations changing the fabric of what you’ve been used to living for a very long time. So if you commit to realizing the power of who you are into your spirit at all times, wherever you walk bike or drive to, whatever road you use to get to a new destination or use to travel in a routine pattern, like a coffee shop or a gym or a beach or a bar, then everywhere you venture to you vibrate a frequency of importance and manifestation, one that others around you become drawn to you. You become the trend you seek to be by actualizing to yourself the importance of what you can offer society and humanity. By determining your importance and your value, attraction applies itself wherever it is you choose to go.

In an age of humanity where half the world is discouraged from having an open mind, the economy suffers immensely. So shut off people will not change your income bracket, it may even be clear that those with a dull mind detract from everyone else’s economy as they share our precious oxygen. You hear all the time from Wall Street successes this blood rattling competitive spirit they had to have in order to achieve their goals. You can take their energy and apply it to your pursuit of power and you will only see the results as far as they will take you, if you are speaking to the wrong people. That is why you must use the Law of Attraction to ensure that your crowd benefits you and you have the assets, resources, skills and intelligence to provide a solution to the problem or stagnation your new contact is having.

For instance, multi-media is a fascinating business. Its digital potential is exponential. For so many different reasons, humanity increasingly relies on entertainment. Videos. Photos. Blogs. “I’m bored – I need to fill my empty mind in this long moment in time where for me, nothing is happening”. So they go on TikTok, or Instagram, or Facebook. And what do they scroll through? Multi-media that affects them in whatever way it does. Hours later, time has flown by and you guessed it, they were content filling space with digital media. Hence – a guaranteed solution to the problem of the consumer. “I’m an actor. I want to be famous, but I really don’t use social media or have a website.” Boom, with a person or company willing to build your online social media presence, problem solved. They will be on the internet, growing a fan base, engaging weekly and watching their life change one click at a time. Impressive! “I want to relax or enjoy media after my long week at work.” No problem, there are affordable major streaming services with endless bingeable shows, epic movies, and intelligent documentaries that now you can enjoy for as long as you like, just in time to achieve motivation to speak to a friend or colleague about it, or inspire you to make more money. For this reason alone, I firmly believe entertainment media will never go out of business and will serve humanity to represent lessons and perspectives from around the world.

By providing a valuable service in this growing world to the needs of everyone everyday, you can become part of an empowered solution to the problems plaguing normal people all around you. This guarantees the magnetism to those around you to gravitate towards your orbit and afford you opportunities to shine as yourself and begin manifesting your purpose through action. Remember – each new moment is an opportunity to summon your excellence, and you get to do this with every moment you are awake every day. Embrace the outcomes that come to you once you approach a new opportunity, watch how a pattern develops around the acceptance of a new opening, how you friends change around you, how you find yourself in a position to help friends you haven’t connected with in years, all because you have new energy surrounding you as you apply your skills and solutions to the new jobs in front of you. Then the real trick is keeping consistent relationships with those you please so that you find yourself in abundance of the excellence your experience can provide, as opposed to solely relying on the charm you bring for the first time to a new customer. Sometimes, it is necessary to expand your base, and other times it is more necessary to retain the base who are familiar, trusting, and content with what you provide. Expansion and retention working in synchronistic movement can achieve results with the Law of Attraction that will land you with the cycle of abundance you are seeking.

So one of the key ingredients to keeping up this pattern of perpetual motion in your positive direction is self-generated frequency and the other one is vibration. Every moment, all that surrounds you are colliding energies, operating on alpha waves and coagulating with one another on a subatomic level, generating your concentration or reactions or energies to keep going. Vibration often materializes from the bumping of car speakers, the sound wave thumps affect the human body and our neurological receptivity, making us react positively or negatively at a moment’s notice. The body and mind is sensitive to vibration, and so is the soul. The soul drives our mind to move our body even when we are tired or feel the urge to abandon the path. Most of our path in a day is about moving forward. So the next time you find yourself watching time tick away, remember that by provoking your mind to embrace engagement on a frequency that activates you, you can begin at any moment to molecularly change your receptivity to the universal magnetic enabling beacon that zooms forward expanded fusion and summons an advancement of your life.

Some chose to attain high vibration through intense concentrated meditation. Others seeks to activate it in the surroundings of nature, around pure water, in the silence away from materialistic society. I have witnessed people turn around their approach to themselves and to life by simply putting on music that drives forward their soul towards mental focus and begin marching forward with positive strides of confidence. As you mentally project the outcome you intend to achieve, use whatever is in your immediate reality to drive yourself into being the best version of yourself, within the limits of your reality as you move in it day to day, and as you perpetuate the same vibration throughout as you weave in and out of public settings, the atomic alignment will begin to send people your way and cyber offers to your email or social media feed.

I find it more inspirational to set your own rules as you look forward ahead than to follow in the footsteps of others who tell you what worked for them. Structure and discipline from experts is one thing, but the only thing that makes you succeed is your ability to embody the envisioning of your desires in real time. The longer you hold the control of the vibration, the longer you crank up the pathway for the universe to reach you from the large distance it travels in the cosmos to find you. Education will get you to practice the right ways to attain what you want, but self-enabled consciousness generated by your being will put the new strengths into successful application. One of the many ways I chose to activate my brain to think on the right level is when I am eating or drinking particular foods. If the needed frequency can only be activated upon a certain level of sugar reaching the pleasure senses of my throat and tongue, then that means I’ll consume and direct a substance through my body with sugar and guide it to activate my brain cells and endorphins to vibrate to a higher level. If the goal of my needed vibration is salt based, I will start eating certain foods with higher texture of sodium to provoke my intelligence and receptors to produce results quickly.

To be honest, I have always found comfort and purpose in the consumption of food and quality drinks. More than conversation itself, food educates me to manifest attaining a higher level from within, in order to glow and emanate a relaxed state of mind. I believe with the pattern of eating a combination of quality foods and balancing your effective state of mind for business or creation, one can truly extend their life by many years and watch your performance at work excel within a period of time once you have mastered the combination of labor and consumption. Which brings me to another ingredient that falls under the umbrella word of consumption. In order to grow and intake, one must constantly find the time to intake education in your field, craft and the landscape of the current climate of society and life, in order to ensure that the work you do remains as effective and applicable to the world around us. So in addition to being your best self, you must also drive yourself to consume in learning, watching, listening and studying as much as you can about the industry you are pulling capital from and from the humans who reside around you, their experience and their illuminating perspectives.

In the world of this new internet where expression is the most common form of information, witnessing the flaws and the lives of our everyday Americans will teach you just how appropriate it is to make money, and you will also learn new growing ways that pop up everyday as to how to navigate the challenges of life that seem to be holding back the majority of people from success. If you have digital selling issues and you can’t make rent, you’ll find 30 videos from different people a month telling you “It’s easy – sell digital on Audiable”. If you are looking for solutions on weight loss, videos pop up all the time telling you that there is a way to do it contrary to how you’ve been explained the topic growing up in your childhood. The synthesis of information through video inception has dominated our lives in the last decade quicker than the transition in the 90s from the 80s family life style to the tech age, where you are taught to find electronics and its capacities more fascinating than human engagement in this society. So if you balance learning with eating right for your vibration, drinking to activate your brain’s instincts, creating with your skills the useful things others need that you alone can provide, then as you manifest your vibrating frequency into society, the law of attraction will stimulate you with abundance and you will achieve what so many have failed to do.

But if you do not enable yourself to manifest this, if you do not bring yourself to go beyond the limits that life is putting in front of you, if you chose to not witness the larger picture of who you are and why you are here, then the trap remains choking you in place until you ascend your vibration and change what you intake and what you permit yourself to believe. Belief and confidence in a different outcome makes a large difference as to the final result of your achievement of turning around your life, especially when it comes to finance. Thinking outside the box, dimensionally speaking, is frivolously rewarded by the Law of Attraction and will get you boosted from one end of the city to the next one nearby. Understand that by the law of universal principal, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to master your new vision, as soon as you’ve done the work, the rest falls into place on its own. You lead by example so lead yourself out the door and connect your heart to your brain to your intelligence to your creation, which dictates the solution and conclusion of the outcomes of your journey, which you construct every second you’re alive.

The rest of the world will wait for you to appear out of the slumber of being dragged down behind your situation. You set the rules for how you receive your situation, you begin to control its hold over you. Soon you begin to see the world as your oyster, you can witness a brand new life. Thoughts Become Things and your life is not only determined by the circumstances around you but how you move through life on your own command.

Go Be Yourself and watch others react to you and change their lives around too. As you move by example, your frequency can change those around you, those who know you and those you pass by and have never met, because the power of the molecular world operates and manifests substantial difference when they encounter a powerful confident wave of vibration. All you have to do is make the decision and the change can begin at your pace.

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It turns out when you express your opinion or your soul, people listen and people change. Depending on the content of your insight, your audience intakes the workings of your brain into their lives and become impacted by your words. For the longest time, I was discouraged from sharing what my thoughts were, either aloud or in writing. But as time comes to document a substantial change in the system of society and communication in general, I have learned to embrace what I fear and begin expressing the thoughts that have only been bouncing around in my head for only me to listen to. Much to my delight, I have recently discovered through enlightened conversations with civilians that my opinions and perspectives matter and are significant to them, so that has also contributed to my desire and my forwardness to pursue sharing my words with you, my reader.

How many days have passed in your life where you gain knowledge and you chose to silently store it in your mind and not apply it to your reality in any way or share it with those around you who could benefit from your new information? It has been said that you begin to die when you stop learning, and for this I could not agree more. You must learn something new every day to keep the brain and body healthy and to balance experience with the ever-evolving game we call life.

When I first started this process, I was hyper with the reality that I could share all I know with an infinite amount of people alive on Earth, and contribute to making this world a better place to live amongst our fellow brothers and sisters, while calling out the parts of our societal lives which I deem to be either strange, or flawed, or in our realities which are conducted or judged irresponsibly. Hence the basis for calling this project “Everything is Funny, Don’t You See?”. An eyebrow-raising collection of observations over the recent years of our brief history on Earth and its subsequent devolution that has led me to question why things are as bad as they are, both towards each other as a society, and as things have been throughout the changing establishment set by those above us.

It is my responsibility to address these lengthy matters in a way I see fit, digestible to my fellow American, but also critical that I leave behind the wisdom that I have cultivated independently in the shadows of these social and political realities which seem to grow in number every single day without exception. Humanity surprises me. The human race is the greatest plot twist ever created by a divine being, because whether it come in the form of relentless stupidity, unthinkable cruelty, or in a remarkable act of kindness or bravery, human beings change their destinies and their aspects every new second the clock races towards a minute. As someone living amongst you, who has lived between reversal of fortune and spells of genius lapsing through my veins, I must assess these particular trends and address it head on with intelligence and comprehension, while speaking to you the American Public like we are in a private conversation, you and me.

So here I begin this topic.

When you have something important to say, you must express it. Even if you think others may not understand it, you need to put it out into the world, because one day soon, there will be those that stumble upon your words, your enlightenment, your creation, and the impact it will have will affect all those that read it. So whether it be creative words you need to express, or opinions, or reporting on world events, the larger part of the world needs more people like you, so that we can all be inspired by what humanity really had to offer the current and next generation, as we continue to evolve. Not all stories of our many cultures have been sufficiently documented in the public eye. This must change by those who have the bravery to express their experiences and share it with us.

This is not as simple as the need for accelerated content creation. This is a statement that sharing is spreading and intelligence is knowledge, based on experience, fact, and universal application. When one has something special to say about a topic that others have varying opinions on, it is important to share that unique source of knowledge, lest someone entangled in that field experience an alternative to what is available in the public eye and needs an unconventional approach to explain or assist in their situation. For instance, if there is limited knowledge on the field of anything regarding anomalies or supernatural occurrences. It is critical that if someone out there knows more advanced information that can help explain or make sense of what does not make sense in that person’s particular reality then they must share that information and make it accessible for the one seeking the assistance. Without additional perspectives and experiences made known to all of us, we can only rely on the information out there right now.

So depending on what you wish to contribute to the world through the words you write, you can be a voice for those in need, desperate to either deal with reality or attain information about a reality, and your words can be the difference for someone moving forward in a day or not. As much as one may not wish to understand, what I just described is circumstances I get exposed to around the world, through the written testimonies on social media, one of the most powerful large platforms in the world, divided by application for different functions, but all for the same purpose, limitless connection. Discovery of new people, retention of friends, developing fans. What is written and what is documented and what is recorded has the power to bring strangers together towards a collective agreement or public outrage, depending on the topic.

From the outside looking in, some countries may look at the West and view their social media topics and usage as inspirational for their international communities. Social media allows absorbing life to be simplified, views and reactions are displayed to amplify the effectiveness of the message or conversation. Every photo is an expression, every discussion is an open opportunity for reactionary growth for those on the other end of the post or video. Words then get logged and documented and recorded, the host of the post can react to each written reaction, either by responding with a pre-programmed emoticon like a heart or a thumbs up, or by typing back to a typed response. Each reaction means something in the larger picture, no matter what the content of the post is. It means the creator cares about the opinions of the public, and the public who respond to the post care about the content they are posting, whether it is a photo or a video or a written paragraph blog about their opinion on something they observe or experience in their updated daily life. Others are measured by responses to the promotion of photographs of food, nature, events they attend, etcetera.

This means that our world, measured through nearly a dozen different websites and applications, host a good majority of the world’s population for personal or business or brand purposes, and the reactions and engagements between the audience and the poster are logged as important to history from the outside world looking in to our structured way of living. The pandemic brought more people from isolation onto the world of social communication applications and accelerated the connection course by at least 60% of the previous capacity when so many options were running through society, when the economy was normal and we all were treating each other in the same non-fluctuating patterns. In three years, the world has attempted to bounce back from the chaotic disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of us have tried to allow that period of time to fade back to distant memory as we try to pick up the pieces of the now fractured life structure we lived in.

It's taking a while, a long while. There is an immaculate attention to detail over the new findings of how bad society has fallen, financially speaking. While we have a president in office boasting about 13 million new jobs and first paychecks, some of those jobs are being consumed by the same person in two to three to even four jobs a week, each check struggling to cover the bills and obligations, leaving little money for food and gas and even personal emergencies. There is nothing to boast about in a moneyless economy, no victory you can cite to make the reality of the growing impoverished go away anytime soon. It has taken eight months for me to find a permanent address, and even there I still fail to secure an apartment. A combination of high earning income and credit restricts me from obtaining the regulation requirement, not to mention the competitive market of the fact that twenty people before me are just as needy and have one or two documents more than I have, and they still wait on a consideration list to secure the location. I have been told there are not enough places to live. If people documented their personal hell on social media deeper, maybe then we can piece together an honest society. Fact check the administration claims with people’s personally documented evidence of either the statement or the contrary. I bet more people have it hard and have heart-breaking stories than those who can testify that the President is speaking accurately about the benefits of Bidenomics.

In fact, delving into the claim about the multi-year reduction of the Deficit, and averting a default on our national debt, anyone can make the argument about the long term effects for our country, but what people are focusing on is what makes their lives unlivable in the 50 states they occupy, and why do they consider their state hell and seek to venture to the rest of the country, where they anticipate to find a different America than the one their experiencing. Focusing on the benefits of the administrations future spending is one thing, but each American deserves to live in economy not fixed limits where they are unable to generate capital by engagement with actual citizens who move things forward in making money. So those jobs and income mean nothing, prove the results by real people’s experiences. I can tell you that the majority of those I talk to, and that’s mostly cold calls, ordinary people in different fields and life occupations, don’t even have forty dollars to lend to an emergency crisis if someone was crying on the phone, begging.

Everyone has problems, some more prolific than others, so we can be forthcoming and honest about the state of affairs here. We are sending billions of dollars and security with weapons to another country to fight against an ancient enemy lurking since the Cold War. Those could say a black hole of drainage has befallen America, sucking the financial prosperity of the future from the poor and the rich through governmental commitment, not a signed contract with the American people, rather, the Administration and Government is approving allocation of resources and funds, while the people starve, struggle to keep afloat their personal lives, all for human bodies to murder each other in a battle of territorial invasion of a country that shares the same practicing values as our country is aligned with. Even when the people in that country are subject to political censorship, the value of death and murder raises the stakes beyond the capacity of that which provokes reckless words of World War and the forbidden N word Nuclear to be used on an hourly routine basis. With Russia and Cuba strengthening ties, we are approaching another Cuban Missile Crisis scenario, therefore prompting news outlets to start conversations like that which were bombastically discussed as throughout the 50’s through to the 80’s.

This means we are geared into a mental state of war, when we are still distracted trying to begin our actual lives with our neighbors and state friends from digital connection. The obstacles we still face when we can’t cover even personal emergencies, you have to “rely on yourself”. But remember, you can only rely on making money if others have it, if others earn it, if others are granted it in the leftovers of what is still going on. And more and more have to relocate and do not attain any financial change in their situation. So when someone in the administration fixes people’s ability to purchase anything from the society around them, then we can say the economy is back on track. As proven time and again, the stock market is a pit of money the common man cannot grasp. Just like a casino, all there to make money and no one has any, and people drain what they have on a Roulette of skill and chance, which either ends in prosperity for them or they return to their alcohol, believing their luck will change the longer they play.

And if more people documented in words the lives they’ve lived, from both sides of the isle, if society were willing to be vulnerable and communicate the source of the problems, perhaps then we can attain reparations for all people of this nation. Perhaps with voluntary transparency, our construct of financial poverty can realign itself with the stability of people banning together in commerce. Violence would de-escalate. Flourishment could become possible. Choosing to evolve to a higher standard of living begins with identifying the threat then declaring there is a superior need to address it with an alternative, reached through a solution. Together, if we write the truth about what life we are really living and all cards are on the table, then by suffering as a nation we can unite to ascend to a better standard of living. We deserve it, which brings us to the beauty of social media.

Social Media exposes our desires and our pragmatic beliefs, from the smallest of issues to the largest universal principals which are being violated by blatant misuse. People listen and absorb the more harsh the reality. Millions are drawn in and affected, and then choose to speak about it on their own or in response directly to the video or blog. If it were not for brave victims who chose to speak, would we seriously consider marching in the streets, screaming for change and justice. Like the writers strike and the SAG-AFTRA strike, god bless the souls of these suffering men and women, who disclose the harsh and morbid reality of the financial reciprocation system of the “jobs” we take. Writers having credit cards and or debit cards declined at meal establishments, a hit show but no ability to take home an income for your rewards so you can’t pay the bills or rent on time, the sin of residuals which should terrify anyone. We all have a right to be upset, and it’s not because the super wealthy have billions and we have crumbs, it’s the fact that the money has run out and we need assistance, and no one is willing to equalize out to keep us stretched to a decent normal living wage as a collective in America.

If it weren’t for their bravery to be vulnerable on social media, express to the viewers and consumers of their brilliant material, what an injustice is being committed on them financially and how it’s ruining their lives and their ability to sleep at night, we would never know the evidence of how bad we are lied to in America, that we have it well off. “Nothing to see here, please disperse”. The more we accelerate about this approach to life and how important it is to expose the honesty of reality onto these influential and data infused platforms, then we can begin to correct part of the problem and in doing so we can remain closer to each other as fellow neighbors, which will then be helpful when the economy eventually grows back to connect to each other and uplift our lives with free working capital, righteously passed around between ourselves, as life should move forward.

I encourage every one of us to be honest about our situation not to evoke pity but to collectively understand, you may perceive in reality I may have all this money because you know me online, but here’s the truth, I’m just like you. I’m a great guy, let’s be friends. That’s real networking, honesty sells and responsibility pays. So the next time you think you are not important and cannot make a difference, consider that at any point you can type and publish whatever you want, and in the rule of the algorithm reality, your words await the eyes of another across a screen, and they will encounter who you are and what you say and will make decisions based on your personal projections onto the electronical sphere we call the internet.

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